About Us

New Workshop Theatre

This experimental theatre is the training ground for aspiring young artists—actors, lighting designers, directors and technicians of every theatrical discipline. The Brooklyn College theatre majors come to this space to mount their thesis productions, giving audiences the rare opportunity to see the creative process in motion and young artists honing their craft.

Such a configurable performance space is usually referred to as a "black box" because the walls of such theatres are painted or covered with a dark or black color paint or fabric. Our New Workshop Theatre seats anywhere from 50 to 120 people, depending on the design configuration. A director can call for just about anything his or her imagination can conceive and the space can be arranged to accommodate it -- anything from the conventional proscenium arch seating to a design where audience actually sits within the actors' space and reality.

Every year in June, this perfomance space hosts the Gi60 --Gone in 60 Seconds International One-Minute Play Festival -- 50 plays from hundreds entries from playwrights around the world are presented. The fast-growning world-wide festival is now presented in Leeds, UK, New Zealand, as well as the Brooklyn contingent here in the US at the Center's New Workshop Theatre. The show is also simultaniously webcast from this venue.

The theatre is located in Whitman Hall on the lower level. It is equipped with an assisted-listening system and is wheelchair-accessible; however, advanced notice is required to accomodate guests who use wheelchairs. If you do need assistance, please call our House Manager Gerard Vaccarello (718-951-4600 x3334) or emailVaccarGe@brooklyn.cuny.edu well in advance of your performance date.

Please Note: This theatre is not available for rental.