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Studio 312 Recital Hall

With the retirement of the esteemed Sam Levenson Recital Hall, which was the home of a majority of Conservatory of Music's concerts, the new Studio 312 Recital Hall was designed as a worthy replacement for the Conservatory's many recitals until the new Tow wing of the Performing Arts Center is completed. Until then, Studio 312 will be the Conservatory's home for most of it's performances.

The room boasts of a very good acoustic personality with quite a pleasing reverberant soundfield. The larger ensembles such as the Conservatory Orchestra, the Brooklyn College Opera Theatre, etc., will still perform in the larger Walt Whitman Theatre, but a majority of the Conservatory concerts will be found in this comfortable new performance space.


Members of the College Community coming by car with BC parking permits should use the parking spaces beneath the Roosevelt Hall underpass for proximity to the Roosevelt Hall entrance; park as close as possible to the loading Dock #I ramp and entrances (please observe the Handicap Parking spaces). Enter the building through the double doors on either side of the loading dock (the loading dock is wheelchair accessible on either side), elevators will be immediately though either of the entrance doors. Take the elevator to the third floor and follow the signs in the hallway to the Studio 312 Recital Hall.

Those without parking permits coming by car will need to find street parking. Entering 2900 Bedford Avenue in Google Maps or any GPS will return directions to the location of the College entrance with the street entrance to Roosevelt a few yards from theentrancegates of the campus --Roosevelt Hall street entrance. Find metered street parking close by; on some of the side streets you can find free, non-metered, "alternate side" parking.

When using public transportation, make the necessary MTA connections from your location to the B11 bus which stops almost directly in front of Roosevelt Hall. You are looking for the entrance to Roosevelt Hall Extension facing Bedford Avenue

Once in the building, take the elevator to the 3rd floor; signs in the hallway and the elevator will direct you to the Recital Hall.

Please note: This theatre is not available for rental.