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Community Access

Our staff is dedicated to helping make these events successful, rewarding and entertaining experiences for both the producers and audiences alike.

If your group or organization is interested in renting our facility, please call our General Manager, Richard Grossberg (718-951-4600 Option 9) for more information about our rental and Community Showcase policies. Also, email us at Rentals@BrooklynCenter.org

So, if you are planning to produce an event, anything from a small recital to a Broadway-style extravaganza, look first to Brooklyn Center as your venue of choice. And if you are looking for a wide variety of affordable, edifying entertainment that the whole family can enjoy -- again, choose Brooklyn Center; we're right around the corner in your neighborhood!

Please Note: Although the Center is very careful to insure that the shows brought into our theatres do not contain offensive or inappropriate material relating to language, sex, violence or bigotry, the producers of each event are solely responsible for their show's content.