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Brooklyn College and the School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts are proud of our long tradition of offering a wide variety of concerts, films and other events throughout the season, all free to the general public. Brooklynites are invited to enjoy these offerings often and with friends. Watch for free events by the departments of the
School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts at Brooklyn College.


Theater Policies

Patrons arriving after a performance has started will be admitted into the theater only at appropriate times specified by and at the discretion of the artists and the House Manager. Video displays are situated in the theater lobby so latecomers may watch the performance until the late seating interval.

Texting, tweeting, or other use of cell phones and other personal electronic devices during a performance is prohibited. Please turn all devices OFF (not to VIBRATE). A cell phone inadvertently left on and ringing/vibrating or a screen lighting up during a performance can disturb your fellow patrons.

The City University of New York has instituted a smoke-free campus program at all campuses including Brooklyn College; there is no smoking or vaping allowed inside or outside any of the buildings on the campus grounds.

Food, Beverages

No outside food is allowed into the theater building. Items purchased at our concessions counters, with the exception of bottled water, should be consumed before entering the theater.

Parcels, Bags

The House Management reserves the right to inspect personal items as a condition of entry to the theater.

Recordings, Cameras

The use of any photographic, video, or audio recording devices inside the theater, without written permission of the management, is strictly prohibited.

Coat Check

We do not provide a coat check in any of our theaters.


During certain children's shows and especially during graduations, vendors will sell balloons outside the entrance gates of the campus. Please do not purchase balloons before the show because they absolutely will not be allowed into the theater building and you will only have to forfeit the balloons. We will not hold balloons for you while you are in the theater. Purchase balloons only after the event on the way out of the campus.