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The School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts Presents

Come Up From the Fields

December 12

Come Up From the Fields

Walt Whitman - Daguerreotype cir., 1887

The School for Visual, Media and Performing Arts' Conservatory of Music, invites the public to an exceptional evening dedicated to one of Brooklyn's Favorite Sons, Walt Whitman, whose name is proudly memorialized on the Tow Center's south wing - Whitman Hall.

Come Up From The Fields will be an evening of Walt Whitman's prose and poetry set to music.

On the Programme:

  • Neidlinger: Memories of Lincoln
I - Beat! Beat! Drums! -- Sylvia Maisonet, Soprano
II - When Lilacs Last -- Mi Hyun Jung, Mezzo-Soprano
III - O captain! My Captain! -- Morissa Pepose, Soprano
  • Rorem: War Scenes

I - A Night Battle -- Alejandro Marquez, Bass-Baritone
II - Specimen Case - Alan Briones, Baritone
II - An Incident -- Sarah Lum, Soprano
IV -The Real War -- Jorgen Magnus Haslum, Bass-Baritone

  • Rorem: Five Poems
I - Sometimes With One I Love- Quan Chen, Soprano
II - Look Down, Fair Moon- Alan Briones, Baritone
III - Gliding O'er All- Alejandro Marquez, Bass-Baritone
IV - Reconciliation- Kami Salman, Soprano
V - Gods -- Morissa Pepose, Soprano
  • Weill: FourSongs

I - Oh Captain! My Captain! -- Quan Chen, Soprano
II - Dirge for Two Veterans -- Mi Hyun Jung, Mezzo-Soprano
III - Come up From The Fields, Father -- Daheuin Kim, Soprano
IV - Beat! Beat! Drums! -- Morissa Pepose, Soprano

  • Hindemith: Three Hymns

I -- Der ich, in Zwischenraumen - Alan Briones, Baritone
II - O, nun heb du an, dort in deinem Moor -- Mi Hyun Jung, Mezzo Soprano
III - Schlagt! Schlagt! Trommeln! - Sylvia Maisonet, Soprano

  • Rorem: Youth, Day, Old Age -- Sarah Lum, Soprano
  • Carter - Warble for Lilac Time -- Cora Stolper, Soprano
  • Bacon - Twilight - Daheuin Kim
  • Bridge - The Last Invocation -- Seok Hoon Kang, Tenor
  • Warren - We Two -- Nour Darwish, Soprano

Isabel Milenski, Stage Director
Dmitry Glivinsky, Music Director and Pianist

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Tickets: Free

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Wednesday, December 12, 4:30pm

Feirstein Rehearsal Studio


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