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Conservatory of Music Presents

The Wavefield Ensemble

April 27

The Wavefield Ensemble

The Conservatory of Music presents the Wavefield Ensemble, a renowned Pierrot quintet now in residency, which will hold a Masterclass in the afternoon, followed by a full concert in the evening, including the World Premiere of Erin Rogers' Clone Farm.The Windfield Ensemble is a collectively organized group of musicians dedicated to performing music and creating new artistic work at the highest level, and to actively engaging in educational activities geared toward inspiring the next generation of artists and performers.

“a series of gripping, cinematic soundscapes…you would never know it's a live performance, such is the gleaming perfection of the sound.”
- anearful

“A chorus of otherworldly whispers, harmonics, scrapes, and multiphonics…”
- I Care If You Listen

On the Programme:

  • Space Travel From Someplace Else - Jesse Cox

  • Flux - Karl Naegelen
  • Lignes de fuite - Raphaèle Biston
  • Artificial Life 2007 - George Lewis
  • WORLD PREMIERE: Clone Farm - Erin Rogers

MasterClass -- 12:30pm
Wavefield Concert -- 7:00pm


Visit the Wavefield Ensemble's website.
Visit the Conservatory of Music's website.

Tickets: Free!

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Thursday, April 27, 12:30pm

Don Buchwald Theatre


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Thursday, April 27, 7:00pm

Don Buchwald Theatre



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