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In-School Performance Assemblies and residencies

We bring the show to you! Professional, interactive performances that span diverse cultures and genres, brought directly into your school or after-school program. A great way to engage your students with productions that…

  • Can be performed in any space, including auditoriums or multi-purpose rooms
  • Remove bus costs, travel time, and logistical concerns
  • Maximize the effectiveness of arts-in-education dollars
  • Provide schools with ability to serve hundreds of students per performance
  • Connect with in-class curriculum and NY State Learning Standards
  • Include interactive elements and a post-show Talkback with the artists


The esteemed artist groups that conducted these educational events during the 2017-19 academic year included Redhawk Native American Dancers (First Nations music, dance and folklore), Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company (Chinese dance and culture), Mexico Beyond Mariachi (Mexican music and dance), Los Pleneros de la 21 (Afro-Puerto Rican bomba and plena music and dance) and Dance Caribbean Collective (Afro-Caribbean dance). Brooklyn College Presents will look to expand their roster of artists in the coming year.

"SchoolTime-To Go connects directly with our curriculum. Our social studies unit was on the colonization of America when the Redhawk Dancers came to our school. Instead of simply reading about the culture, our students were immersed in it... our favorite part of the experience was the interaction between the artists and the students. They were able to participate which made the experience so much more important and impactful. We look forward to future planning with SchoolTime-To-Go."

Ms. Kimberly Jones, Director of Visual and Performing Arts
Cultural Arts Academy, Brooklyn, NY

"This was the first time that our students were able to participate in a live show at our school, and many went home and told their parents about the performance. Staff members were very pleased, commenting on how nice it was to have a performance in the building. They want more!"

Ms. Noreen Alvarez, Assistant Principal
PS 207, Brooklyn, NY

For more information about available SchoolTime-To-Go performances, or to book a performance for your school, please contact Joyce Disner, Education Manager, at or 718-951-4600 x3332.

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